My Projects

  1. " Mobility Data Analytics Platform" website development.
    Reponsible for Transit and Travel Time functions, and database management.
  2. Understanding Passenger's Perception on Bus Fullness: Empirical Study of Bus Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) data and Tiramisu Fullness Rating data

My Publications

  1. Xidong Pi, Sean Qian (2016) A Stochastic Optimal Control Approach for Real-time Traffic Routing Considering Demand Uncertainties and Travelers' Choice Heterogeneity. Submitted to Transportation Research Part B.

My Presentations

  1. Xidong Pi, Sean Qian. Real-Time System-Optimal Traffic Routing Under Demand Uncertainties. Presentation in Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2017.
  2. Xidong Pi, Mark Egge, Jackson Whitmore, Amy Silbermann, Qian Zhen. Understanding Transit System Performance Using AVL-APC Data: an Analytics Platform with Case Studies for the Pittsburgh Region. Presentation in Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2017.

My Interests

  1. Traffic modeling. Control theory, stochastic control, dynamic programming, approximate dynamic programming.
  2. Convex and non-convex optimization.
  3. Deep learning, Reinforcement learning.
  4. Web development.