Shuguan yang

My name is Shuguan Yang, I am a PhD student in MAC since 2015. Before that, I received my Master’s degree from Columbia University in 2014 and Bachelor’s degree from Southeast University in 2013, both in Electrical Engineering 

my interests

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Predictions
  • Data-driven Machine Learning

my projects

my publications

  • Shuguan Yang, Xidong Pi, Wei Ma, Sean Qian. (2018) “A Graph-CNN approach of parking occupancy prediction in network-scale incorporating multiple spatio-temporal data sources”. Working paper.
  •  Shuguan Yang, Sean Qian. (2017) “Understanding and predicting highway travel time with spatio-temporal features of network traffic flow, weather and incidents”. IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, accepted and forthcoming.
  • Sean Qian, Shuguan Yang. A non-sensor solution for effective and inexpensive parking management: payment, reservation, and dynamic pricing. provisional patent 2018 [URL]
  • Shuguan Yang, Sean Qian. (2017) “Turning meter transactions data into occupancy and payment behavioral information for on-street parking”. Transportation Research Part C, Vol.78, pp.165-182. [URL]


Shuguan Yang
Hamburg Hall 3051
Carnegie Mellon University