Wei Ma

My name is Wei Ma. I am a PhD student at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University. I’m now focusing on exploring the statistical features in both static and dynamic networks and building optimization strategies for recurrent and non-recurrent traffic conditions. I am also very interested in large scale statistical learning and model based machine learning.

I finished my undergraduate study in Tsinghua University in 2010. My major was Civil Engineering and I also took Math as my second degree.

My personal website: weima171.com

my interests

  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS)
  • Urban systems interdependency
  • AI and ML in transportation, infrastructure and energy
  • Data-driven and probabilistic network modeling
  • Multi-source data mining

My publications

  • Wei Ma, Sean Qian (2018), “Estimating 24/7 origin-destination demand using high granularity multi-source traffic data”, Transportation Research Part C, Vol. 96, pp.96-121. [URL]
  • Wei Ma, Sean Qian. (2018) “Statistical inference of probabilistic origin-destination demand using day-to-day traffic data”, Transportation Research Part C, Vol.88, pp. 227-256. [URL]
  • Wei Ma, Sean Qian, “On the Variance of Recurrent Traffic Flow for Statistical Traffic Assignment”, Transportation Research Part C, Vol.81, pp.57-82. [URL]
Contact Info

Hamburg Hall 3047
Carnegie Mellon University