Mobility Data Analytics Center

Landing page of Mobility Data Analytics WebUI.

MAC is developing a centralized data engine supported by a web application to manage and analyze massive data. The data engine essentially sets protocols for data exchange from various sources, and is necessary to accommodate the needs of data fusion and analytics. The engine offers organization, visualization and analytics of a wide array of mobility data, roadway, incidents, parking, public transit, weather, electric vehicles, mobile, etc. Furthermore, the engine can translate the data into useful information for people who need it: legislators, transportation planners, engineers, researchers, travelers, and companies. Unlike the traditional single computer stand-alone software or tools for data preparation and decision making, the data engine is accessed by users through web-based data sharing and browser-based human-computer interaction. The web application visualizing data and recommending decisions serves the front end of the data engine.

Fig 1. WebGUI for travel time estimation

We are now working with various deployment partners to conduct research on mobility data analytics, and to develop decision making tools for facilitating transportation system management. We also work with private sector to develop travel-related products or service that ultimately improves travelers’ experience.