TRB Annual Meeting 2017 publications

  1. Yiming Gu, Zhen Sean Qian, Guohui Zhang, "Traffic State Estimation for Urban Road Networks Using A Link Queue Model - 17-06081"(presentation)

  2. Xidong Pi, Mark Egge, Jackson Whitmore, Amy Silbermann, Qian Zhen, "Understanding Transit System Performance Using AVL-APC Data: an Analytics Platform with Case Studies for the Pittsburgh Region" (presentation)

  3. Mark Egge, Zhen Sean Qian, "Effect of Fare Policies on Dwell Time: A Case Study for the Pittsburgh Region - 17-05077" [URL]

  4. Wei Ma, Zhen Sean Qian, "On the Variance of Recurrent Traffic Flow for Statistical Traffic Assignment - 17-03213" (poster)

  5. Wei Ma, Zhen Sean Qian, "Statistical Inference of Probabilistic Origin-Destination Demand Using Day-to-Day Traffic Data - 17-03766" (poster)

  6. Xidong Pi, Qian Zhen, "Real-Time System-Optimal Traffic Routing Under Demand Uncertainties." (poster)

  7. Shuguan Yang, Zhen Sean Qian, "Turning Meter Transactions Data into Occupancy and Payment Behavioral Information for On-street Parking - 17-03528" (poster)

  8. Cong Chen, Guohui Zhang, Zhen Sean Qian, Rafi Alam Tarefder, Tian Z. Zong, "Analyzing Driver Injury Severity Outcomes in Rollover Crashes Based on a Support Vector Machine Model - 17-05258" (poster)