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CPS: Small: Collaborative Research: Optimal Ride Service For All: Users, Service Providers and Society

Team: Sean Qian (PI, CMU), Zemian Ke (CMU), Matt Battifarano (CMU)

Funding source: NSF

Start/End time: 2021-2023


This project develops a theoretical, modeling, and computational framework for communities to incentivize emerging mobility services to achieve system-wide goals on efficiency and reliability. This is done through optimally pricing a surcharge or credit to riders' fare with respect to departure times, routes, pooling and curbs (i.e., pick-up/drop-off locations), in conjunction with subsidies to mobility service providers in exchange for guaranteed system improvement. This project advances fundamental knowledge regarding how public right-of-way spaces (such as curbs and roads) and travel demand should be priced and balanced for social optimum. It develops an architecture that integrates travelers' seeking to maximize their utilities and service providers' goals for improving service efficiency and maximizing revenue, with novel optimization and controls of infrastructure and service pricing. In addition, it develops efficient and scalable algorithms to estimate and optimize mixed flows of shared and personal vehicles for large-scale networks. This project will assess multi-source high-resolution data, including vehicle trajectory data from mobility service providers to validate, test and demonstrate this cyber-physical-social system.

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