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​I am a Systems Scientist with Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I am also affiliated with Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy as a faculty/Lecturer, where I teach the "Role of Emerging Mobility in Smart Cities". Prior to joining CMU, I worked as R&D Staff Scientist in Emerging Mobility Technologies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I received my Ph.D. in Transportation Systems Engineering from University of Virginia.  During my Ph.D., I worked as a research assistant with Prof. Brian L. Smith on mobility, safety and cybersecurity aspects of connected and automated vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems.


  • Cyber Physical Systems, more specifically in prototyping connected and automated vehicle (CAV) applications, cybersecurity assessment of CAVs and interconnected transportation systems and designing architectures​ for their resilient operation under cyberattacks.

  • Transportation systems analysis, including operational, safety, energy and cyber risk analysis of Intelligent Transportation Systems and CAVs.

  • Integration of vehicle automation and electrification.

  • Behavioral and Human technology interactions in virtual reality simulation and real-world environment.

  • Big data and predictive analytics- To infer patterns from large scale sensor and behavioral data.

  • Traffic Safety Modeling, including the application of applied safety analysis methodologies from Highway safety manual, applied econometrics and statistical/machine learning methods.

  • Travel behavior/demand modeling and shared mobility analysis of traditional modes of travel and alternative fuel/electric vehicles.

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